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Bouldering at Rosario.


El Corral


El Corral


Climbing Rack

Andalucia mountainsWe keep a comprehensive rack of climbing equipment in Spain for both sports and trad routes. Thus if you are coming on a course you will be using a full rack of modern climbing kit; if you are coming to stay in the accomodation then we can always help supplement your kit if you need a few wires / cams or a few more quickdraws for the longer routes.

In general the routes in Andalucia are getting longer every year and it is unwise to come to Spain with a 50m rope - it simply is not long enough and one of the team will end up being dropped off the end of the rope or you will spend time pfaffing around trying to find intermediate anchors. A 60 meter rope is the minimum needed and a 70m is pretty mandatory for most modern crags and routes. The newest crags - the amazing La Peña de los Enamorados - need 80m ropes, not to mention lots of stamina training.

The sports routes in Spain can normally be climbed with 10 - 12 quickdraws, but it is worth having 15 or 16 in the party for the longer routes. It is always worth carrying a spare screwgate and prusics for the odd emergency or fall into space. Don't forget to bring a bail-out biner for those "it is too hard / the rope is too short" moments.

Sports climbing bolts that are made from bent steel plate tend to chew up carabiners fairly fast so it is best to go for chunky biners with a keylock/clean nose. The keylock nose makes stripping routes so much easier.

Pushing grades and getting a rope up hard routes is a lot easier witha clip stick. The Beta Climbing Designs Technical Clipstick is really good.

The general idea is that we will try to help you out so that you can climb the routes that you want to do.


The town of Villanueva del Rosario is at 700m and a lot of the crags are at 1000m, thus it is always advisable to bring some warm, windproof clothing.

There are loads of crags that we can choose from and the weather is often perfect at sea level in Malaga when it is horrible in the mountains, but is the weather changes while we are on the hill it is best to have the correct clothing.

At the other end of the scale the sun can be blistering hot and so good sunglasses, a hat, long sleeved tops/trousers and suncream can help protect you from its worst effects.

There is a full list of kit that we recommend for North Wales courses on the Equipment for Climbing Courses page and this list works well as a list for the Spanish courses as well.












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