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Guided Via Ferrata in Southern Spain



VF protected with ropes

VF protected with ropes



Traverse at start of El Camino

Traversing on a Via Ferrata



Climbing at Tajo de Madera

Villanueva del Rosario Rock



tirolina en camorros 1

Tirolina en la VF Camorro 1



Via Ferratas in Andalucia and Southern Spain


We offer guiding on Camino del Rey as well as many other Via Ferratas of all levels in Andalucia.

The Camino del Rey used to be the most famous Via Ferrata in southern Spain and is now open again after renovation was completed in February 2015, but there are also several great and more traditional routes in the areas around Antequera, Ronda, Marbella and Malaga.

One of the most popular Via Ferratas in the area is known as'El Camorro' in the El Torcal Nature Reserve, just outside Antequera - this is because it is both a really good route at a reasonable level of difficulty and it is only an hours drive from the coast. This makes it a perfect adventurous escape from the beach for the reasonably fit.

The El Torcal via ferrata -also known as 'Ferrata del Camorro'- has two sections that are split by an uphill walk amongst the karst limestone pinnacles before the second half leads you to the summit of the El Camorro mountain -see video below-

In Ronda the local authorities have modernised the old via ferrata known as 'Tajo de Ronda'that dated from 1936 and created a very good route that is an excellent introduction to via ferrata technique and is suitable for both youngsters and families. -see video below-

After this initial success, the local authorities in Ronda have built many others, Montejaque and Benaularia as well as Benadalid and Igualeja are some excellent examples.

Close to our base, we also have Via Ferratas in Colmenar, Villanueva del Trabuco, Archidona and Loja all of them really good fun.

Our usual crag, Villanueva del Rosario also hosts a via ferrata -see video below-on the lovely and unspoiled climbing sector of Los Pinos. This has made the crag a really good option for an introduction to both climbing and via ferrata with the advantage that it is quite high and so cool in the summer and sunny in the winter.


Via Ferrata Closest Town
Time r Beginners & Families
El Torcal - First Section Antequera
Quite athletic in places and with a tyrolean traverse towards the end
3.5-4 hours from the parking No
El Torcal Complete Antequera
Athletic and a long day out
7 hours from the parking No
Ronda - Tajo de Ronda and others Ronda
Introductory and intermidiate level
3 -4hours from the parking Yes - both
Los Pinos Villanueva del Rosario
Introductory level
2.5 hours from the parking Yes - both

There are also 3 Via Ferrata at Comares in the hills north east of Malaga - they are all quite short, but in lovely surroundingsand together they make a great day out. The right hand via ferrata is a good introduction to the sport, the middle one has a long tyrolean traverse followed by a steep section that needs a bit of upper body strength whilst the third is steep in places and has several wire bridges - great fun!

There are more details on all these via ferrata below including prices.

El Torcal/ Camorro Via Ferrata


El Torcal Via FerrataEl Torcal is a karst limestone massif that lies close to Antequera in the southern Spanish province of Andalucía- it is about one hour from Malaga and 25 minutes from our base in Villanueva del Rosario.

It is well known to climbers and walkers as a fantastic playground, but in addition to the extensive climbing and hiking in the reserve the local climbers have added two via ferrata routes that provide an intricate, athletic and adventurous route through the rock towers – it even includes a very atmospheric tyrolean traverse between two of the towers.

The tyrolean traverse in needed to cross a 10 metre gap between two towers - attach yourself to the steel cables that cross the chasm, lower your weight onto the cables and then pull yourself across the gap way above the ground below.....totally exhilerating.

We can guide you along these routes whilst also providing all the technical equipment so that you climb them in safety. The two routes can be done singly in between 3 and 4 hours each or can be connected together in a natural loop that provides a full day of fun. 

There are other activities to do in the park as well as it is a major venue for both climbing and walking - thus we can create days that include via ferrata along with a guided tour of the park or an introduction to climbing.

There are 3 walking routes in the park that have been marked out with different coloured waypoints. The green route is the shortest and easiest being 1.5 km long and taking about 30 minutes. The yellow route is longer at 2.5 km. long and leads to ‘Las Ventanillas’ (The Windows) a panoramic high point with fantastic views. The red route is the longest (4.5km) and most difficult and takes about three hours, with a viewing point 1.339 m up where you can see the whole of the El Torcal Park and the Africa Coastline.

Tyrolean Traverse on El TorcalThe park contains some of the best karst limestone features in Europe with the characteristic, water eroded limestone towers sitting impressively above the village of Villanueva of the Conception. This wonderland of rock is a natural, chaotic labyrinth and a perfect playground for walkers, scramblers and climbers.

El Torcal is part of a massive rib of limestone rock that runs parallel to the Andalucian coast from Granada all the way down to Tarifa. The massif that contains El Torcal is part of the Sierras Subbéticas and this joins the Sierra de las Chimeneas in the west and the Sierra de las Cabras to the east. It is this chain of limestone rocks that make Andalucia such a fantastic playground for climbing and walking all year round.

El Torcal itself concentrates a lot into its 12 square km with a central rocky ridge dividing Torcal Alto from Torcal Bajo. The ridge summit lies at 1336m and is often a cool escape from the heat of the plains in Summer.

The park is also famous for its fauna and flora and was declared a Special Area for the Protection of Birds. It is possible to see Griffon Vultures, Kestrels, Collalbas and Mochuelo. In addition the wild goats are shy, but ever present and show amazing climbing skills - they often graze at the top of the first via ferrata.

Plus there is a wolf park just down the road that has a very good interternational reputation.

Ronda Via Ferratas

Ronda is fast becoming a regional centre for via ferrata and climbing as the plans for 11 via ferrata in the Serrania de Ronda area have been approved and over 98,000 Euros has been allocated for the work by Ronda Tourism with help from the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation.


Overview of Ronda from the Via FerrataThe first via ferrata to be opened was 'Tajo de Ronda'

The ones on the walls that surrond the towns of Benalauria, Montejaque, Benadalid and Igualeja followed its success.

TheTajo de Ronda via ferrata comprises two old routes that date from the 1920 s and 30s which were built so that work could be done by the Sevillana power company to stop rock falls and land slides. These have been totally renovated to create a route that is a perfect introduction to via ferrata with fantastic views.

The complete route is referred to as the Tajo de Ronda and is comprised of the two old routes Port of the Wind (Puerto del Viento) and the Stairs od Death (Escalerilla de la Muerte) - don't be put off by the names as both sections are really safe! The route is graded at 1 - 1.5 out of 5 in terms of both difficulty and exposure and is suitable for families and children above 10 years old.

Overall the trip takes about 2-3 hours.



Via Ferrata Videos


Villanueva del Rosario/Los Pinos


El Torcal/El Camorro 1


Tajo de Ronda


Via Ferrata Benaularia - Ronda-









The Rock Climbing Company offer a variety of flexible mountaineering courses that can easily be adapted to your own personal requirements. We tailor every course specifically to the clients requirements. The following pages on this website will outline the variety of climbing instruction that we can offer along with descriptions of the most commonly requested topics; however these are just outlines and we are more than happy to build custom courses that meet your specific requirements. If you are unsure which course is the most appropriate for you or if you have a specific agenda in mind that you do not see advertised then please get in contact and we will work out a suitable itinerary.


Courses length

The Climbing Taster sessions normally last between 0.5 and 2 days, whilst all other instruction can be any length from 1 to 5 days. A lot of clients find that there is a great benefit in having at least 2 days of instruction because it lets us re-inforce all the new found skills whilst still allowing time to enjoy the adventure.


Guiding, coaching and intruction

We can help you climb your dream routes whatever your level of exprience or age. Guiding and instruction are easily combined, so if you would like to learn new skills whilst climbing some 'classic' routes we can easily arrange that.


Mountaineering Qualifications

We are an independant company run by Silvia Fitzpatrick and most ofl the instruction is delivered by Silvia. Silvia holds the Mountaineering Instructor Award (reg number 1369) and is a full member of both the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and Mountain Leader Training Association. Additionally, she is a PE teacher and Modern Languages teacher so -if you want to learn or practise some Spanish- that can easily be arranged.

In the event that Silvia is unable to personally instruct the course wecan offer an alternative instructor; all our associate instructors are professionally qualified to the relevant national qualification. In addition, we only use instructors who we know well and share our passion for the mountains.


Pricing and Instructor/Client Ratios

Instructor/client ratios are kept low to increase safety and maximise contact time for learning. Maximum instructor-client ratios can be found in each course section. Prices can be found here



All specialist equipment will be provided by the Rock Climbing Company. You are responsible for providing your own suitable clothing, footwear and rucksack. Further detailed info can be found in the specific course sections and the Booking Info section.




All prices include use of all safety equipment.

Type of Course
Number of People on the Course
Cost of the Course per Group

Cost of the Course per person

Via Ferrata
Half Day - Torcal First Via Ferrata - Ronda - Los Pinos
190 Euros
180 Euros
220 Euros
90 Euros
255 Euros
75 Euros
340 Euros
65 Euros

Full Day - Two Via Ferratas

220 Euros
220 Euros
250 Euros
125 Euros
270 Euros
90 Euros
1: 4
320 Euros
80 Euros


Please contact for prices on larger groups



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