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Guiding & instruction in Snowdonia, North Wales and Spain



Climbing at LojaThe Rock Climbing Company offers a full range of rock climbing, scrambling and mountain skills courses in Snowdonia, North Wales and several locations in Spain.


We specialise in creating courses that combine a low instructor ratio with completely personalised climbing instruction. In the UK, our adventure activities are mainly based in Snowdonia and North Wales.

In Spain we cover several locations: Malaga and Granada in the south, Asturias and Cantabria in the North, Valencia and Barcelona in the east of Spain.


Our mountain activities courses cover the skills needed for rock climbing as well those needed for mountain navigation and mountain scrambling -including Via Ferrata in Spain-. We can deliver this instruction at all levels of ability and experience from absolute beginners to experienced climbers wanting to gain or improve an specific skill.

Our clients range from families who want a safe, exciting rock climbing taster to more experienced climbers who want to learn to climb outside or those who want to start lead climbing and multi - pitch climbing.

Many hill walkers wish to progress onto scrambling and mountaineering - including preparation and training for some classic Alpine ascents such as Mont Blanc and Matterhorn as well as Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Whatever your aspirations, we aim to provide good quality courses and have an international clientele from three continents. There is a short collection of testimonials at the bottom of the page.

The majority of our courses are arranged privately so that we can build a course to your exact requirements - if you are thinking about a rock climbing or mountain skills course, just contact us with details of what you want to do, what you would like to take away from the course and your time frame. We'll get straight back to you with ideas on how we could help.

We run our courses in the mountain area and sea cliffs of Snowdonia and North Wales and in several mountain and climbing areas of Spain. These are venues that we know really well and this local knowledge helps us to build personalised courses. We look for activities, routes and terrain that match your level of experience and your aspirations ensuring we get the most out of the weather conditions.


Guiding and instruction in North Wales

The climbing and mountaineering instruction in North Wales is normally based close to the towns of Betws-y-Coed and Llanberis in the Snowdonia National Park. This is a brilliant mountain area with a variety of climbing that is unrivalled in Britain - there are long, classic mountain routes in the Llanberis Pass and Ogwen Valley, adventurous sea cliffs at Gogarth in Anglesey, easy access crags at Tremadog and sports climbing on the bolted coastal limestone near Llandudno and Colwyn Bay as well as in the Llanberis quarries.



Guiding and instruction in Spain

The climbing courses and mountain activities -including Via Ferratas- in southern Spain are based in the hills that lie between Malaga and Granada and we have easy access to the excellent areas of El Chorro, Ronda, Marbella, El Torcal, Loja, Archidona and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Our base is at 900m above sea level and this lets us choose between a cool mountain climate and the warmer coastal conditions depending on the weather and the time of year. The area behind our base in Malaga, in Villanueva del Rosario has a full variety of sport and traditional climbing plus plenty of scrambling and Via Ferratas.

We also run guided days, rock climbing courses and Via Ferrata in Valencia, Barcelona and Asturias climbing areas.

The variety in these areas has many advantages; it allows us to teach a comprehensive range of techniques all year round, in the best weather conditions. You will improve and gain many climbing skills enjoying the learning process. We look forward to seeing you soon.


About us

We are a small company composed by 10 guides and instructors who are coordinated by Silvia Fitzpatrick. Silvia is a very experienced climber who holds the Mountain and Rock Climbing Instructor Award and is a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) and the Mountain Training Association, MTA UK



Silvia has climbed all over the world for over 35 years - highlights include climbing the North Face of the Eiger, the first female ascent of Cerro Fitzroy in Patagonia, becoming Indoor British Climbing Champion in 1994 and being the first female to have climbed routes graded 8a in Spain.

Silvia still runs many of the climbing courses herself together with help from a small team of fully qualified climbing and mountaineering instructors. The instructors working in our climbing courses are all active climbers we have known and worked with for a long time. We are all fully qualified to the appropriate level by the Mountain Leader Training board and we are all fully insured.

Silvia and the majority of the instructor team hold the Mountain and Rock Climbing Instructor Award along with a couple of RCI -rock climbing instructors- and ML-mountain leader- qualified instructors.

The pages on this web site aim to outline the variety of mountain activities that we can offer. However, these are just guide lines and we are more than happy to build custom courses to meet your specific requirements.

If you are unsure which course is the most appropriate for you -or if you have a specific agenda in mind that you do not see mentioned- please get in contact and we will put together a guided day or full course for you. The climbing courses flow chart might guide you towards the right pages.

The tabs below give more information on the different courses we offer along with testimonials from previous customers



Rock Climbing, Scrambling and Mountain Skills Courses


in North Wales, Snowdonia & Spain


Summit of El Chamizo in SpainThe climbing courses we offer range from exciting taster lessons that let you to try rock climbing, via ferrata and abseiling for the first time, through multi-day lead climbing courses to performance climbing clinics for experienced climbers looking to improve specific areas of their climbing.

You will find some broad course outlines below, but these are just a starting point because everyone is at a different stage in their climbing and has different needs. We will build the course around your requirements and arrange the instruction so that we moves at your pace and give you the skills and experience that you want. Our aim is to give you the tools and tips for you to enjoy your mountain adventures -whether rock climbing, scrambling or navigating in the hills- in safe and exciting way - that will stay in your memory for a long time.

The majority of our rock climbing and mountain skills courses are arranged privately, but we do also offer open (shared) courses and the dates for these open courses are on the Calendar page

An outline of some popular rock climbing courses is set out below.


Climbing & Abseiling Taster Courses


A beginners course for those who wish to try rock climbing, abseiling and Via Ferratas-

You will climb some great routes and get a true feel for what rock climbing is all about. You will learn all the basic skills involved:

- using a harness, tying into the rope, belaying(securing) your partner and going down the ropes abseiling. A great course for families or corporate team building that we normally run outdoors on the rocks but can also be run at an indoor climbing wall, if preferred.


Learn to Climb Course

A comprehensive introduction to the sport of climbing that will give you the key skills and experience to start climbing independently and safely. We normally cover: climbing equipment, tying onto the ropes, belaying, ropework, choosing anchors and building belays, movement skills and techniques, abseiling, understanding guidebooks / climbing grades and selecting routes. Plus we will do lots of climbing. If you prefer it, we can start this course at an indoor climbing wall and then progress outside onto single pitch crags plus there is often the opportunity to second multi-pitch routes.


Outdoor Climbing Course



This course is perfect for those climbers who have learnt to climb indoors at a climbing wall and now want to expand their skills to start climbing outdoors. The course covers topics such as movement and technique on rock, how to belay safely, setting up anchors for top roping and belaying from above, abseiling safely, dealing with top anchors in sport climbing, climbing equipment and how to use it correctly. The great thing about being based in North Wales and Spain is that there are single and multi-pitch, sport and traditional climbing routes all within easy reach of each other which lets us offer a really wide range of instruction.


Lead Climbing Course


Learning to lead climb can be a exciting but intimidating step in your climbing career. It is a serious undertaking but learning with an instructor will give you the opportunity to start leading at your own pace in a controlled and safe environment. We have a great deal of experience in teaching people how to make the transition from top roping and seconding to leading both sports and traditional (trad) routes. People often find it reassuring to know that their climbing instructor can be on a separate rope right alongside them as they make their first leads.


Sea Cliff / Adventure Climbing Course


This course will give you the extra skills and confidence to overcome the additional difficulties that you are likely to face when attempting sea cliff routes.

For those people looking for a similar -but less commiting experience- in Spain, the famous Via Ferrata Cala Moli -located north of Barcelona- will give you an unforgettable day climbing by the Mediterranean sea.


Guided Climbing



We can arrange guiding for virtually any rock climbing and scrambling route in North Wales and Snowdonia as well as Spain. We love climbing and there is nothing better than sharing the best routes in the area with other climbers - we can point you towards the very best classic rock climbs or help you climb the routes that you have always wished to do. It is fairly easy to combine guiding with instruction, so that you climb some great routes and see what skills you need to have at the same time. If you havent got a particular route in mind -but you want a memorable day in a beautiful mountain setting- by assessing your level of experience prior to the event- we can take you on the most appropriate climb for you in North Wales or Spain.


Performance Climbing Courses


Virtually all climbers hit a plateau at some stage in their climbing life and pushing beyond this point is sometimes difficult without help from an experienced climber looking at the situation afresh. Our coaching team has many years of climbing at a high standard and we can help you improve your confidence when leading, help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and maximise your potential by showing you how to climb in a clever way.


Advanced Rope Work and Self - Rescue Techniques



Problems when you are climbing may occassionally happen. This course will help you avoid getting into trouble in the first place and also give you the core rope work skills to implement a rescue if you, your partner or even another team get into trouble.



Mountain Scrambling Courses in Snowdonia & Spain






The Rock Climbing Company offer a full range of mountain scrambling courses that can be based in the Snowdonia mountains of North Wales or in the Sierra Subeticas of southern Spain and the Picos de Europa in northern Spain

Mountain scrambles can cover a very broad range of terrain and difficulty within their length; some sections may not be much harder that steep walks, whilst others may need knowledge of alpine mountaineering and rock climbing techniques. The difficulty for the novice scrambler is knowing how to move fluidly and safely over all these differing types of terrain.

Scrambling needs a multitude of skills, but I think the core ones are mountain sense, movement techniques and rope skills - of these learning the ropework needed for scrambling often feels the hardest, but practice does makes perfect and using an instructor will accelerate the process.

An experienced mountaineering instructor will be able to teach you all these skills and will be able to show you how to proceed amongst the mountains safely, teaching you best practice and giving you the ability to tackle difficult ground safely.

Scrambling in the mountains of Snowdonia and Spain is an ideal introduction to the world of mountaineering and the techniques learnt from a climbing instructor on a scrambling course will give you the skills and experience to explore the mountains of the UK with more independence and safety.



Snowdon via Crib Goch & Snowdon Horshoe


This is the classic Welsh scramble. The difficulties on the standard route are not excessive, but the exposure on the main knife edge ridge is truly memorable. The challenge can be increased by taking variation approaches and the route can be extended to take in the whole of the Snowdon Horseshoe. If you are lucky enough to do the route on a clear day then the views are amazing.


Scrambling - Welsh Classics



A tour of the best scrambles in Snowdonia. There aremany great routes and the scrambles we choose will depend on the weather, fitness and experience but could include Cneifion Arete, Bristly Ridge and Tryfan via Milestone Buttress approach. The Tryfan / Bristly Ridge combination is a brilliant circuit for the fit that rivals Crib Goch.


Learn to Scramble Course


A 2 to 5 day course that will cover all the essential skills needed to start scrambling in the mountains. The course will try to strike a balance between teaching you technical skills needed whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on the careful judgments required for safe scrambling. We will look at basic rope work, moving over steep ground, short roping and route-finding / interpreting the guidebooks/grading system.


Advanced Scrambling Skills & Alpine Training Course



This course is for those who have some scrambling experience and want to climb harder (Grade 3) scrambles or train for an alpine ascent such as Montblanc or Matterhorn. Grade 3 scrambles are essentially moderate rock climbs and so the course will look at more advanced rope work and movement techniques. We will also cover equipment selection, gear placement and navigation as well as escape/emergency techniques. We will, of course, also climb some great routes.


Guided Scrambling


There are many scrambles in Snowdonia, some of which are famous and some which are less well known. We can help you enjoy some fantastic scrambles in Snowdonia and Spain by guiding you to the very best routes and looking after all the safety and technical issues. This is also a great course if you have limited time and want to maximise the amount of scrambling you do or want to push your grade.



Climbing, Scrambling and Mountain Skills -courses overview-


Classic Welsh ScramblesThe Rock Climbing Company offers a comprehensive range of flexible rock climbing and mountaineering courses that are always customised specifically to your requirements.

We currently base our climbing instruction and guiding in two fantastic countries; Snowdonia and North Wales and northern and southern Spain. During the winter our scrambling, via ferrata and rock climbing courses are mainly based in the mountains between Malaga and Granada. We have also expanded to run courses in Valencia and Barcelona climbing venues which enjoy warm and stable weather.

We know all these mountain areas inside out and this helps us deliver effective courses. By getting the most of the weather conditions, you get the most out of your time.


Why use a climbing instructor?

Learning rock cllimbing and mountain skills with a professional instructor enables you to improve and gain new skills efficiently in the safest possible manner and maximising your available time.

You’ll also gain personal confidence as you rapidly widen and deepen your whole spectrum of climbing skills through observation, practice and discussion.

Importantly, you will enjoy the local knowledge that a climbing instructor has acquired over many years. Bad weather? We won’t waste a day; we’ll just change objectives. Route too crowded? We’ll move over here; this route’s even better. Feeling pressed for time? Don’t worry, we know the shortcut home.

All in all, your climbing experience will be improved with our local knowledge, professional skills and enthusiasm for the adventure at hand.


Pricing and Instructor/Client Ratios

Instructor/client ratios are kept low to increase safety and maximise contact time for learning. It may be tempting to reduce costs by looking for higher ratios, but you don't learn as much and it is much more difficult to get the course fine tuned to your requirements.

Maximum instructor-client ratios can be found in each course section.

We run both private and open courses. Private courses are arranged with a single client or clients who want a specific course for themselves or for their party - private courses enable us to work with you to create unique courses that suit you. We only run the more advanced courses on a private basis because at this level your demands are likely to be quite specific.

Open courses are courses that we arrange for specific days and people can enrol on them as required - we arrange our open courses into quite tight categories to ensure that we minimise the spread of abilities within a group. Our open climbing courses are a great method of getting into the sport and meeting other climbers.

There is not much difference in prices between private courses and open courses.

Prices can also be found in each course section.


Course lengths

Taster sessions normally last between 0.5 and 2 days, whilst all other instruction can be any length from 1 to 5 days or more. Many clients find that there is a great benefit in having at least 2 days of instruction because it allows them reinforce all the newly learning skills whilst still allowing time to enjoy the adventure.


We love climbing, scrambling and being in the mountains. We know the areas we teach in very well and can help you climb your dream routes, whether it be a classic scramble in the Glyders range of Snowdonia or Left Wall on Dinas Cromlech. Guiding and instruction are easily combined, so if you would like to learn new skills whilst climbing classic routes, this can easily be arranged.


Mountaineering Qualifications

We are a small, independent company run by Silvia Fitzpatrick and a lot of the instruction is delivered by Silvia. Silvia holds the Mountaineering Instructor Award and is a full member of both the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and Mountain Leader Training Association. Association of Mountaineering Instructors LogoMountain Leader Training Association Logo

We are recognised as accredited outdoor activity providers by Visit Wales and North Wales Tourism, who are the two main tourist bodies serving Wales

When Silvia is unable to personally instruct the course one other memeber of our team will usually be able to do it. All our associate instructors are professionally qualified to the relevant national qualification. In addition, we only use instructors who we know and share our passion for the mountains.


Pricing and Instructor/Client Ratios

Instructor/client ratios are kept low to increase safety and maximise contact time for learning. Maximum instructor-client ratios can be found in each course section. Prices can be found on the panel to the side.

What is included in the price:

  • All instruction.
  • The use of all technical equipment such as ropes, harnesses, carabiners and helmets.

What is not included in the course price:

  • Travel to and from the course base or venue.
  • Personal insurance (illness, accident, cancellation and personal equipment/possessions).
  • Personal equipment such as waterproofs, walking boots and rucksack.
  • Food and drinks
  • Accommodation
  • Entry fee to the climbing wall. Good alternatie if you can not re schedule because you can learnmany rope and movement skills in a dry environment. The fee is usually between £6 and £10 pp depending on the time of the day.
  • Climbing shoes. They can be hired for £3.00 ppp day in N Wales or €4.00 in Spain.

Hire Equipment

  • Climbing shoes may be hired if required for the entry level rock climbing courses - just let us know your sizes in advance to ensure availability.



All specialist equipment will be provided by the Rock Climbing Company. As detailed above you are responsible for providing your own suitable clothing, footwear and rucksack. Further detailed info can be found in the specific course sections and the main equipment section.


What if the weather is bad?

Snowdonia has a wide range of venues to choose from and often it can be raining at one and sunny at another. The same is true for Spain - it can be horrible in the mountains, but there will be blue skies over the coast at Malaga or it can be too hot on the coast and plains, but pleasantly cool in the mountains above Villanueva del Rosario.

Climbing in SnowdoniaOn rock climbing and scrambling courses we will always use our local knowledge to try to choose a venue best suited to the prevailing conditions, whilst for navigation courses poor weather can provide realistic conditions which will enhance the learning experience. We will do everything we can to make each day happen, so please arrive prepared for both warm and cold weather because you will be in the mountains.

We will determine on each morning of the day or course if it has be canceled due to inclement weather causing conditions likely to endanger members of the course (extreme cold, torrential rain or snow). If it is canceled, you may transfer to another course or another person on an alternative date during the next 3 years and arranged at a mutually conveniet date.


Mountain Activities in a controlled risks environment

Safety and duty of care towards our clients is of the the highest priority to the Rock Climbing Company. Many of our activities are hazardous by their very nature and all participants, parents and guardians must accept that there are risks associated with these activities. We manage and minimise risk in the following ways:

  • All instruction is undertaken by professionally qualified instructors who all have many years of experience.
  • The safety equipment we supply and use is of excellent quality, well maintained, in good condition and regularly inspected.
  • We instruct and teach to guidelines set by the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.
  • We instruct and teach in groups with low client to instructor ratios.
  • We constantly evaluate risks throughout a course and if a level of risk is deemed unacceptable, then the activity will be altered accordingly.

All our mountain activities and courses will always be conducted in a way that is compatible to your level of experience and aspirations.


How fit do I need to be?

All our courses involve physical activity but most are totally suitable for anyone who is healthy and of average fitness. Our instructors will take your actual level of fitness into account and ensure the activities are conducted at a comfortable pace.

If you do have a medical condition, please use the space provided in the Booking Form to let us know; it is important we know of any and all medical conditions or allergies that affect you because if anything does happen then we are likely to be in a remote area and your health and safety will be in the hands of your instructor. All of our instructors have a valid REC outdoor first aid certificate which is renewed every 3 years and it is a legal requirement of our teaching status

Any medical information will of course, be treated in the strictest confidence. If you have any doubts or require clarification, please contact us via email.


What experience do I need?

Our courses cover the range of experience from the absolute beginner to those having substantial experience but wishing to gain new skills or improve certain aspects of their ability. Please check the course notes for your particular course or/and contact us for more details.We are always happy to help.


Do I require insurance?

It is not a requirement to attend our activities or courses but we strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover course cancellation or curtailment. This should also cover you for accidents or if you have to cancel due to reasons beyond your control such as illness. If you are a member of The BMC then you can take advantage of their insurance services via The BMC web site or the companies Snowcard and provide insurance for sports and mountain activities.



You should book accommodation to suit your preference as there are many hotels and B&Bs as well as bunkhouses or camping sites.

Snowdonia has many options to choose from and you may wish to visit our accommodation pages for accommodation recommendations and suggestions.

If you are coming on a Spanish course we can suggest appropriate accommodation for you if you let us know your requirements. These pictures below show our base in Villanueva del Rosario but there are plenty of more choice.


Find us on the FreeIndex directory under Outdoor Adventure






Our clients' satisfaction is very important to us. It is one of the many nice aspects about running a small company with a team of instructors we know well and trust.We often receive compliments from the attendees on the courses we have run. This is indeed very rewarding and it means a lot to us.


Some of the great feedback received from our clients is recorded below:


...I had an amazing time with Silvi and her team last week in one of the mountain areas north of Malaga, refreshing my single pitch skills and having an intro to multipitch climbing.

Rafa, one of the rock climbing company instructors, took me to an unforgettable multipitch ascent.

Villanueva del Rosario is such a beautiful climbing area, welll worth visiting. Thanks so much Silvi!

Aran Shaunak, multi-pitch climbing course, 28th October 2021



...Dear Silvi, thanks for teaching us so many things climbing in Asturias and for being so kind. We have often discussed your great way of life within our family. You stay in our hearts...

Stefan Groblighoff and Claudia Pappas, 4th August 2021


...we spent four days climbing with Silvi and the improvement by the end of the course was truly incredible.Her extensive experience means she will notice small details that can make a real difference to our climbing...

Johnathan Muscat, Performance Climbing Coaching Course in Spain, 1st February 2021



...We all had very different styles and favourite styles of climbing. I still don't know how you managed to find locations and routes that could help us all improve. I cannot believe how much I learned in these four days and improved and so did the other two participants, Lukasz and John. You attention to detail to notice room for improvement was amazing, we will definitely be back! Thanks Silv

Maryam Sharifzadeh, Leading Course and Movement Skills in Spain, 30 Dec 2020



...Great place for a climbing course near Malaga, thank you for your clear instruction and the oppotunity to learn by doing. Great choice of climbs for learning, thanks so much

Maaten and Mari Scherrenburg, March 2020


...Just back from Wales. We had an exceptional time, and it has completely given me a new lease of life in the mountains. Thanks to Pablo for superb leadership and instruction.Thanks for providing us with a great experience.

AS - Custom Scrambling + Navigation Course in Snowdonia- April 2019.


...Just wanted to say a big thank you for fitting me into your busy mad week. I really do appreciate it so much. I had the most amazing time, I loved the climbing days plus the crazy activities that you made me do!
You made me feel so welcome. I thank you so much for everything. Please please do feel free to stay here with us in Scotland if you ever want to do some climbing here, or even if you just want a rest!

Take it easy, I hope you have the most wonderful time climbing in Spain.

DT - Climbing Outside in Snowdonia, North Wales- April 2019


I would both like to thank you so much for the expert tuition on our recent rock climbing course with you. The course content exceeded our expectations in every respect. The amount of detail you imparted and the thoroughness of the safety elements was amazing. Although I may have been slightly tentative at times, it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The photos you took show me smiling a lot so it must have been good. We are delighted that we chose to come to Spain and to engage your services rather than find a course at home. I cannot believe we could have found anyone so enthusiastic and encouraging as you were.

S+FM - Climbing Outside - April 2019


A quick email to say thank you for organising last week's course. Kim was a fantastic teacher, excellent company and truly inspiring.
Thanks to his encouragement and confidence in me, I achieved much more than I thought possible in 3 days and I cannot wait to get out there and try out my newly acquired skills!

DK - Climbing Outside in Snowdonia - April 2019




Rock Climbing Comapny Team, thanks very much for organising it all for me. I certainly achieved my objective for the day and much more besides.

Our instructor Kim was absolutely great and very professional with endless knowledge . But also he was a great teacher. Once he had assessed my ability on rock he gave me the opportunity to try myself but kept a close eye on me and made suggestions along the routes while I led. I feel much, much more confident regarding  gear selection, placing protection, belaying, anchors, abseiling techniques both retrievable and not and more. I,ve already started to update my climbing rack.
I think I,ve caught the climbing bug which is why I would like to take my skills to a higher level and book another session (with Kim) the next few weeks or sooner.

MH - Advanced Scrambling in Snowdonia- 1st March 2020



...I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome time climbing, it was fantastic to spend 3 days climbing and I really feel like I am improving and learning lots of new things. I really enjoyed climbing with Coen and Ashwin too..

Please pass on my thanks to Pablo, it was great to learn a little about the technical side of making the equipment and also have him pass on tips about my climbing.

Hasta la próxima!

MF - Climbing Outside in Spain- Feb 2020



Liz and myself just want to say thank you to Pablo and the Rock Climbing Company Team for helping us arrange this, we had a fab day.. Shame about the weather but you can't win them all! Thank you!!......

.The course was great!.. We will most definitely be back!

K + LC - Guided Climbing in the mountains of Snowdonia - July 2020


Hi Silvia, 

Thanks for a great couple of days.  Really enjoyed the course and it was great to meet you. Also thanks to Pete, Vicky and all the Rock Climbing Company Team. Please do keep me in mind for any further courses with other groups - you never know what I might be able to squeeze in around work and I would love to come back and do more.  

Have a lovely time in Spain - hope your holiday is as good as mine's been! best wishes,

HH - Lead Climbing in Snowdonia, North Wales- January 2019



Hi Silvia,

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the weekend - we both learned so much, really enjoyed it and hope to catch up with you again very soon.

D + SB - Advanced Climbing in Snowdonia, North Wales- June 2020


Hi Silvia!

We just wanted to say once again, thank you Silvi, Vicky, Pablo and all the Rock Climbing Company Team for an incredible experience!! The climbing on Camino del Rey was all that we expected and so much more and we know it was in large part because we had you as our instructor.

Also, a big, big thank you for arranging our stay in the beautiful town of Villanueva del Rosario. You were right, it was truly worth it to stay. And of course, please pass our thanks along to your friend who so graciously offered us his home. Kaileen and I both couldn't be happier with the entire experience.

If we're ever in Spain or the UK and looking for more courses, we'll be sure to get in touch. Warmest regards,

KS - Spain -Multi pitch Climbing - December 2020




Dear Silvia,

We returned from Spain this weekend, and wanted to thank you again for our wonderful three days with you.  We all really enjoyed your company and are very grateful to you for sharing some of your great skills, knowledge and experience with us.  I am sure we will always remember it.  Victoria is looking forward to getting back to the climbing club at school, where she will perhaps demonstrate some new-found confidence!! Thanks to all the Rock Climbing Company Team

With thanks and love from us all,

J, S, A and V McB - Rock Climbing /Scrambling and Via Ferratas in Spain - July 2020


Hi Silvia,

I just wanted to say hello and thank you again for 4 great days. I got back safely, last week was pretty crazy at work - but I feel still pretty relaxed !
Hope you had a nice Sunday afternoon with alot of climbing with Ale ? And a good week ... even if it was very busy.

I will be thinking about coming back, maybe to El Chorro in Dec or Jan, lets see ...

BW - Guided Via Ferrata and multi pitch Climbing - October 2020


Dear Silvia,

Just back from our holidays and thought I would let you know what a fantastic day Seb and allof us had with you and all the Rock Climbing Company Team

Many thanks for making his holiday perfect. we all enjoyed both the climbing and bouldering and Seb is busy telling all his friends at climbing all about it. Many thanks

C F-S Group climbing - August 2020


Hi Silvia

We arrived home yesterday evening. Thanks for arranging our training, Pablo, Rafa and Vicky were excellent instructors. We met as arranged and we all appreciated the guides friendly, easy going and professional manner. All the instructors training methods worked really well for us. I particularly learn well with 'monkey see;monkey do'! We covered all that I hoped to and I am definitely now confident to take my sons out scrambling. We are all looking forward to increasing our experience. Best regards

AM - Custom Scrambling Course for groups- August 2020


To all the Rock Climbing Company Team:

we had a really good time, thanks a lot!

FK - Climbing Outside - August 2020


Dear Silvia,

I hope you are well. Many thanks for a great couple of days climbing instruction. I feel that under your guidance we made a lot of progress from our very basic starting level. Your whole approach was very methodical and clear - as well as a lot of fun!..............

I have spoken with my family and we would like to visit you and do some climbing over the Christmas/New Year period in Spain.............

I look forward to hearing from you. All the best to all the Rock Climbing Company Team.

SW - Outdoor Climbing - July 2020



We had a great time despite the weather on Saturday. Kim was an excellent instructor and I think he covered exacly what we wanted. Our intention now is to return to N. Wales and practice what we were taught. Many thanks again,

DH - Learn to Lead - September 2020


Just a quick line to say that we had a fantastic two days climbing with Pete.

I've managed to retain some of your equipment - a small screw-gate karabiner and two prusick cords - which I will post on to you.

Thank you for all your help.

Best Wishes from D, R and MK - Scrambling & Rock Climbing Course - July 2020


Hello Rock Climbing Company

Some pictures follow once we’ve downloaded them all and chosen the best (you took some really good ones- thank you!) but I wanted to write as soon as possible to thank you very much for two great days.

It was exactly what we needed (even though I had not been sure quite what we needed beforehand) and you struck the perfect balance between making us feel comfortable enough to learn and then pushing us to do things we would not have attempted otherwise. I had not thought that anyone could have convinced me to step backwards off the edge of a bit of rock but you managed it – thank you!

We have been practising our knots and are looking forward to our next day off when we can go in search of some (easy!) crags and try out our new techniques. We are also determined to brave the climbing wall.Thanks to all the Rock Climbing Company Team

M+NR - Climbing Outside - November 2020


I wish to say thank's for a great days climbing. I was really delighted by the cliffs at south stack. Please thank Rory for making (it)such an easy climb(ing day). It was also my first trad climb which has made me feel I would like to try leading myself on a trad route. Who knows maybe I'll be back one day and take a few tips from yourself or Rory.
Thanks again I really had a good time.

AT - Guided Climbing - October 2020



We had an excellent weekend with Pete, despite the horrible conditions on the Sunday.  He’s a very clear teacher, as well as a good guy, and as a result it was a fun and highly constructive couple of days.......

SB - Climbing Outside / Learn to Lead - September 2020


Our thanks for excellent climbing - it proved great fun, instructional and hit the nail on the head for difficulty, height exposure etc for our group.
Particular thanks also for your flexibility matching to the weather to hit a lovely sunny day.
Great instruction - we will certainly recommend you to friends - Thank you

GR - Climbing Taster - October 2019


Hi Silvia

Hope you like this photo of you and KJ....Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

RW - Abseiling - July 2020


Hi Silvia and Vicky

I just wanted to thank you so much for the course: it really went above and beyond my expectations, and I shall most certainly be back for more! :-)

Kind regards,

HJ - Climbing Outside - June 2020


All three of us really enjoyed our day with Pete. It was so useful and what a fabulous guy he is. A great assessment of what we needed and delivered in such a great way with his gentle manner.  The boys really liked him – and so did I. Definitely worthwhile.

Please pass on our very best to Pete and feel free to use any of this to endorse your services.  I will be recommending the Rock Climbing Company to any of my contacts who are contemplating climbing in Wales without any hesitation.

DVS - Climbing Outside - June 2020


Dear Rock Climbing Company:thank you for a wonderful time on Saturday - and for the suggestion about mountain biking - we had a great time doing that on Sunday.  And we jumped off the tree Monday morning - that was really scary and I had to be pushed!  I can't believe it was only a few days ago - back to real life and it feels forever ago. 

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
AH - Learn to Climb - March 2020


,Dear Rock Climbing Company Team;

The outdoor climbing course was brilliant, we loved every minute! The equipment provided was of very good standard and there were loads of it!we both thought Kim was a outstanding instructor, he was very informative and made us feel very safe. We would definitely enjoy climbing with will again sometime in the future!

DMcH - Rock Climbing Outside - April 2019


Hi Silvia,

........You were a FANTASTIC instructor. Thank you. i bought a GRIGRi and 5 quick draws last night when i got back from Malaga so am planning to try and get sport climbing this weekend!

Thank you again and hopefully i will see you again for another course.

best wishes,

RH - Climbing Outside - Spain - April 2018


Hi Silvia and the Rock Climbing Company Team,

.......We had a fabulous couple of days and the progress that we both made from significantly different starting points was great to witness. Vicky was a fantastic tutor and delivered in a way that suited myself and Dean. At no point did we feel too out of our depth (just enough on the second day to ensure that we will always maintain huge respect for the climb and the importance of safety first!) and we remained reassured throughout the course that any difficulties could easily be resolved by Cats intervention...such is the calm and assured manner of her delivery.

Vicky delivered in a completely bespoke way which was exactly what we hoped would happen and the days were continually changing as cat reassessed our abilities and suggested a variety of climbs that would challenge us but would also excite us. We were able to select climbs for day 2 that gave us the options to try different rock, climb a classic or just embed skills with some supported top roping work. We both felt that having a female instructor worked in our favour as it removed that 'top dog'/'male ego' challenge environment that can be created in a male group and instead we were able to work co-operatively and hit our course objectives in an effective, safe yet challenging way.

I must also thank you for your continuous promptness on e-mails and your work in identifying us such a good instructor. This follow up e-mail just confirms in my mind how professional your company is and I would not hesitate to recommend you, the rock climbing company and also Vicky to any people who are interested in developing their 'outdoor climbing skills'.

Many Thanks

LT and DM - Outdoor Climbing/Lead Climbing - Snowdonia - April 2018


hi silvia

just wanted to say we had a great day with pete (and will), they were really excellent and totally tailored the day to our requests. we covered loads and did some great climbing. can't wait to visit again.

best wishes

CH - Climbing Outside - March 2010


Hi Silvia,

thanks again for the great week! I think I really made considerable progress and, even more important, had lots of fun.
I hope weather is stable in Spain, business is good, and all your clients are nice and keen :-)

MF - Learn to Lead Climb - Spain - April 2010



........ I’d just like to reiterate what we said in Spain. We found your instruction to be utterly professional with a meticulous eye to detail. The four of us both learned a tremendous amount and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I must bring tape and super glue to repair fingers next time!

Many thanks

PR, RW, JJ and Phil - Custom Lead Climbing/Performance Coaching -February 2010


Thanks so much for a fantastic week, for all your encouragement and expertise, and also for the lovely chats at the crag and for showing me your beautiful area. I have learned such a lot, and climbed some hard grades... for me! You've been a great companion too.
I cant wait to get outside again and put everything into practice.
Would love to think that I might come back next spring - I've really had a great time. Please keep in touch. I've attached some photos
many thanks

IMcK - Performance Coaching - Feb 10


Hi Silvia,

"Many Thanks" again for a great week. so much to remember and good fun, I was quite nervous and apprehensive when I arrived wondering if I had made a mistake...but it turned out to be excellent, really enjoyed it. 

SW - Custom Fast Track Instructor Course - Feb 10


Hi Silvia,

I’ve been putting off contacting you for a while as I know you said you get lots of emails and I know it takes a lot of time to plan your schedule etc.

I wanted to say thank you for all your help on the course and for parting with your experience.  I enjoyed it very much and I’m focusing on putting a lot of it into practice this year.

CH - Learn to Lead - December 09


Dear Silvia,

here are some pictures I made in the cave and the mountains on the second day...:-) I hope you are fine and everything's ok?!? As I really enjoyed climbing with you (...and speaking/hearing spanish)

I would like to come another week (5 days) in december. Is that possible and what week/time could that be, if so?

All the best from rainy Germany and my best wishes

UH - Lead Climbing - October and December 2009


Hi Silvia,  

Wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for a great week climbing. My objective of gaining confidence to independently climb outdoors was more than met.

Happy climbing

 RS - November 2017 - Climbing Outdoors-



Well done on completing Golpe de calor – what a great route.

Since I left Spain training and climbing has been going well. I successfully completed the CWA assessment last week and flashed a 7a at the Westview wall in Preston.

I’m just starting the next 3 week phase of maximum strength training having concentrated on doing lots of long routes at Stockport and other walls to improve stamina throughout November. Footwork and resting has definitely improved.

I had a great time in Spain – thanks again.

MM - November 2016 - Performance Coaching


Hello Silvia,

Myself and my friend Joe did a scrambling course with you
last year, which was great, we both really enjoyed and learn't so much,
and we have been out doing as much as we can, and we are both still

So, next year we want to come and do a 2 day outdoor/lead climbing course, with yourself, so we can start doing some trad routes. When do you start your course's in wales next year?

LB - Rebooking for 2015 after a course in 2014



Just wanted to let you know we had a great time on Saturday, Martin was great and we both learnt a lot. Thanks for your help

CK - October 09 - Climbing Outside


Hi Silvia and Alun,

I just want to pass on a HUGE thank you for a fantastic day! Paul was really impressed by the experience and has left him hungry for more! I want to also stress how brilliant Alun was too, we raved about him the whole way home...he was informative, patient, gave really good advice and generally a fab thank you Alun! Also thanks for endeavouring to give Paul a great experience and the 'hard climb' he so persistently wanted once he got a little more confident towards the end of the day...I know it was a tricky situation when all the other climbers had nabbed the hot spots, but with diligence you found the perfect spot for our last climb, and he really appreciated thank you so much!

EM - October 09 - Climbing Outside


Dear Silvia,

I did want to express my profound thanks for your help and support in helping me achieve a ten year long ambition to walk Crib Goch....throughout you were extremely kind patient and encouraging yet firm when required.... I do not believe that I could have done it without your knowledge, skill, support and experience....I hope and believe I will meet you again on one of your courses.

CS - September 09 - Snowdon via Crib Goch


Hi Silvia

Hope you had a great weekend and made it to Spain!

I just wanted to say thanks for a great few days climbing last week, we really enjoyed it and learnt so much!....

RS - September 2012 - Climbing Outside - Snowdonia


Dear Silvia,

Thank you very much for your patience and explanations on safety and step by step procedures for climbing.....You are a fantastic instructor and we learned a lot from you. Please enjoy the Swiss treats...

SK - August 2015 - Learn to Climb in Spain ( Plus a big box of Swiss choccies!)



could you pass on our thanks to Kim and Pete for an amazing and memorable day - enjoyed by all.

Thanks. I'm sure we'll be back for more.


SR - August 2014 - Climbing Taster Snowdonia


Hola Silvia,

I am sorry that it has taken me weeks to send you this email.  I have thought of you often since my return home and have wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated our time together.  You are a fabulous guide for not only climbing, but also for living life.  I feel that it’s been a blessing to know you, to learn climbing with you, to laugh together.  It was a great time!

Since returning to the US, I have managed to find a few climbing groups in my area and have been out for several days of climbing here.  It’s been wonderful to get back into the sport.  I’ll look forward to climbing with you again in the future –and hopefully, my skill set will be greater when that happens

Take good care of yourself.

CS - August 2013- Learn to Climb in Spain


Hola Silvia,
Gracias otra vez por un dia fantastico de escalada!  Te mando 2 fotos de tu que son buenas.  Suerte en todo, y llamame cuando vienes a los EEUU para escalar.Safe travels!

KK - multi pitch Climbing in Spain, Dec 2008



Dear Silvi, Vicky and Pablo,

I just wanted to say what a wonderful time the girls and I had last week with climbing and abseiling. I appreciate we were spoiled with having 2 instructors to the 3 of us, however, we had a great time. Please pass on our thanks to the guys, they were very patient, extremely helpful and their instructions were really clear (very helpful with 2 girls under 10 that rarely listen to their mum!), no doubt we'll be back again next year, although my daughters now have the climbing bug!

SB - September 2009 - Climbing Outdoors in Snowdonia



A late note to thank you both and say that me and the boys had a wonderful time last week and thoroughly enjoyed our climb. I hope to see you next year for another session.

JO - August 2009 - Climbing Taster in Snowdonia


Dear Rock Climbing Company Team:

We had a fantastic time on our two day scrambling course with you in July....Our via ferrata holiday in Spain is early September and I feel that I need another day with instruction...... I would be really grateful if you could help us out in any way.

DK - July 2009 - Advanced Scrambling


Hi Silvia and the Rock Climbing Company team,

I left a message on your answerphone, but just in case you don't get it ... Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. We had a really good time both walking with Kim and doing the climbing work with Pete. We will definitely recommend it!

KK - July 2009 - Alpine training and Mountain Skills


Dear Rock Climbing Team,

just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for an amazing break...I really enjoyed myself...

Jenny, introduction to rock climbing and Via Ferrata course, February 2009 in Spain




like to say thank you again for a fantastic weekend, it was great to meet and learn from you. We both came away feeling energised and excited, and we look forward to putting into practice everything we have learned (except how to get out of trouble) Julie found the climbs on Holyhead a little scary, and thanks to your constant encouragement and help was able to complete them.

All sports should have a Silvia to help and encourage new comers, and promote their sports with enthusiasm and passion.

We hope to travel to Spain in Oct 2009 to attend an improvers course, I am very interested in technique, being small it is essential to move to higher levels.

Look forward to meeting you again, thank you very much for your patients (sic) and guidance.

Glenda and friends, september 2008



Hola Silvia,

THANK YOU so much for our two days of climbing with you. We really loved it, both of us got so much out of it, despite our different previous experience. We really appreciated all your effort and especially the help with the extra cold weather. We couldn't believe how hot it was the last two days before we left. Anyway, it was great to meet you, thank you and we hope to be back
some time... Thanks too for being photographer as well!

Learn to Lead Climb held in Spain, Nov 2007







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